June 4th, 2010

Update on the Sub Division Stylo toy car / picture

denkinousagi sends news about the Stylo toy car, promised for all Gorillaz Sub Division members. The text is taken from the Sub Division members' area of Gorillaz.com

"Some good news for all you sub divisioners – after a few production issues I have now upgraded to a new factory and can finally show you a sneak peek at the Stylo car work in progress mould. The car will soon be in production and I expect to be posting it out within 8 weeks. Thanks for hanging in there!" Here's the link to the sneak peek.

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'Real' Noodle ident to premiere June 8th on Youtube

Gorillaz.com and the Gorillaz Youtube have been heralding the 'Real' Noodle ident and the On Melancholy Hill video for a while now. Hot on the heels of aolradioblog.com stating a date for the On Melancholy Hill video premiere, the Gorillaz Youtube has been updated with the banner below indicating the ident will be released on June 8th. (thanks to all of you who sent the news, including Saru who was first on this occasion). Observant fans will remember we got a mini sneak peek at this ident as far back as the US television commercial for Plastic Beach. Click here to see the new banner.

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Gorillaz Roundhouse show on MTV World Stage (various times worldwide, this Friday / today!)

Previously around the time of Gorillaz Roundhouse shows, it was stated that alongside streaming parts of the 30 April show, MTV would also be screening some of the concert on its television channels. Now more concrete details have been announced through Gorillaz.com and MTV.com .

In the UK, the edition of 'MTV World Stage' featuring Gorillaz at the Roundhouse will be screened at 11pm on MTV Rocks. Those outside the UK should follow this link:- http://worldstage.mtv.com/ for information about screenings in your area. (street soldier additionally sends the news that it will be broadcast on MTVLA at 10pm Mexico time on Friday).

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Gorillaz to play Byblos International Festival, Beirut on 20 July

orion70 sends the news that a date for Gorillaz' Beirut gig is now confirmed (news about a Beirut show and a Damascus show - details for the latter TBC - were first mentioned in a Zane Lowe interview with Damon and Jamie interview, as previously covered on Gorillaz-Unofficial). Gorillaz will play a show as part of Byblos International Festival on July 20. Check out the information on the official festival website here.

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