June 2nd, 2010

Gorillaz #80 in Entertainment Weekly's 'Top 100 Greatest Characters Of The Last 20 Years'

Thanks to many of you for sending this in ( mimikyshdmoore was first with the news ) - the magazine Entertainment Weekly has a cover feature 'The 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years' this week and Gorillaz come in at #80. For the record, Homer Simpson #1. Check out the full list and article on Entertainment Weekly's website here.

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Jesse Hackett Gorillaz mini interview

There's a new Jesse Hackett (one of Gorillaz' live keyboardists) interview on the website hhb.co.uk . It's promoting the Moog Little Phatty but there are some interesting comments about how he came to work with Gorillaz and some facts about how the Plastic Beach songs are reproduced live. Check out the article on hhb.co.uk here.

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Murdoc's remaining XFM Residency shows cancelled

Gorillaz fan LuckyLungs sends the news that, according to XFM Radio, the remainder of the Murdoc XFM Residency is cancelled. Murdoc was due to DJ every Sunday in May from 9pm-10pm and he DJ'd as promised for the first two Sunday. On the third Sunday, his slot was cancelled and no official explanation was given (however, as previously reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial, a fan managed to contact XFM who said that the Murdoc DJ slots would resume from the next week). However, Murdoc did not DJ the following Sunday either despite this. LuckyLungs got in touch with Matthew at XFM who said that there would be no more Murdoc DJ sets and gave the reason that "the Gorillaz team are too busy now that Glastonbury's coming up".

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