May 31st, 2010

No XFM DJ set from Murdoc again this week

Many people wrote in (thanks to all of you - bassmachine was the first) to report that Murdoc did NOT DJ last night on XFM Radio.

Murdoc was originally officially announced to be doing four DJ sets, one every Sunday in May from 9pm-10pm. However,after the first two went ahead without any problems, the third disappeared from the XFM schedule with no word from any source. As previously reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial, a fan received word from XFM on Twitter last week that Murdoc's Residency would continue this week, but again Murdoc did not DJ and no explanation was given. We'll let you know more information on this story as soon as we have it.

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Murdoc picks his 'sound of the summer'

The UK newspaper The Observer ran an article yesterday asking various musicians to name their 'sound of the summer'. Murdoc was one of those asked and he picked George Gershwin's 'Rhapsody In Blue', saying:- "Er… I'm more of a "Winter of Discontent" than a "Summer Anthem" man myself, but if I am forced into shorts and a stupid straw hat, it'll probably be this that gets me there. The rising clarinet opener conjures up New York in full heat. As euphoric as any synthesised swoop from a Chemical Brothers LP. This and a deep morning skinful and I'm made up for the day." You can read the full article including Murdoc's comment on the Observer website here. (and you can listen to Murdoc's pick on Youtube here)

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