May 29th, 2010

Murdoc's XFM Residency to continue this week

Annie sends the news that Murdoc's XFM Residency will continue this week - he will DJ on XFM for an hour this coming Sunday from 9pm-10pm British Summer Time.

Murdoc was previously announced to be DJing on 4 consecutive Sundays but he missed last Sunday, XFM told Annie that "Too hot on Plastic Beach (or something)" (too hot for Murdoc to do the show). Murdoc announced on his second show that the theme for the third show would be Gorillaz collaborators.

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Cyborg Noodle ident officially uploaded to Gorillaz Youtube in HD

The 3D Cyborg Noodle ident has been uploaded to the official Gorillaz Youtube account. This ident was first shown at the Gorillaz' Roundhouse shows in April and also appeared on the MTV stream that was available very briefly after the performance. As previously reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial here, this part of the stream was ripped and uploaded to Youtube and has been available to view continuously on Youtube since then. However, the newly uploaded video is in far superior quality to the stream rip version. Check out the official HD upload on the official Gorillaz Youtube channel here.

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Dennis Hopper dead at 74

Dennis Hopper, famous and acclaimed actor, passed away this morning (source:- Reuters). As part of an illustrious career, he of course collaborated with Gorillaz on the track 'Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head', also performing it live in New York as part of the Gorillaz Demon Days Live NYC run. (Youtube video of that here). RIP Dennis.
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