May 16th, 2010

Murdoc on XFM - post-show (Listen Again online)

Murdoc DJed on the radio station XFM tonight. He will play an hour set from 9pm BST.

You can listen to XFM online here:- If you are asked for a UK postcode, just click 'submit' without filling it in, and the stream should start anyway.

This was the second of Murdoc's residencies (in a series of four), he played only Gorillaz tracks tonight, including a previously unreleased version of Glitter Freeze. 2D joined him in the studio tonight. Murdoc said next week he would be playing only songs by acts and bands associated with Gorillaz and Gorillaz collaborators.

ithsanduur sends the information of how to 'Listen Again' to the show:- To listen to the broadcast again, you have to click the 'listen live' thing on the site, click 'listen again' on the pop-out player, and scroll down till you find 'The last 7 days - The Residency With Gorillaz'. It should be about halfway down.

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