May 15th, 2010

Some more details of the O2 promo campaign

UK Marketing magazine Marketing Week has a small article on the Gorillaz O2 promo campaign (check it out on their website here), many of the details were already known but the new info includes:-
  • There will be more 'augmented reality' symbols to collect in other media (the first one was released in the Plastic Beach passport free with this week's NME, and also available on here).
  • The Plastic Beach iTunes Store App will be updated over time and one of the new features will be a GPS tracking map that will enable users to track Murdoc across the globe.
  • There will be Yahoo and Spotify homepage takeovers.
    The 'O2 Priority Walk' ad will also be shown on UK television, it received its first tv broadcast in the UK last night.

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    Gorillaz to appear on the Jonathan Ross show, Friday 21st May 10:30pm BST, BBC1 (UK)

    Kenton09 was the first to write in to say that Jonathan Ross announced on his show last night (May 14th) that Gorillaz would be appearing on the show next week. The show will be broadcast at 10:30pm local time on BBC1 in the UK.

    Damon and Jamie appeared on the show to talk about Gorillaz in 2005, and Murdoc and Noodle made a brief appearance (search 'Gorillaz Jonathan Ross' on Youtube for plenty of copies of the full recording - or check out Gorillaz-Unofficial's transcript and pictures from the time here), and later in 2005 Dirty Harry was also perfomed on the show.

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    New Damon & Jamie interview - OMH second video from PB / Gorillaz to play Damascus + Beirut

    Vector sends the news that Zane Lowe has uploaded a short new video to Youtube, in two parts, of an interview with Damon and Jamie.

    In the interview, Damon and Jamie reveal that On Melancholy Hill will be the second song off Plastic Beach to get an official video (previously it was generally thought, including by Zane himself as you can see from the video, that Superfast Jellyfish would be the second song to get a video). They also talk about reading comments on the internet, and inspiring Gorillaz fans. You also get to see inside Jamie's office, where the interview is filmed. Also, it is revealed that Gorillaz will play in Damascus, Syria and Beirut, Lebanon after they play the Benicassim festival in Spain. (thanks Johnson's Baby Lotion for pointing out that Gorillaz-Unofficial originally missed the third part of the interview where this is revealed).

    Watch the video on Youtube:- Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

    You can also read a transcript by clicking 'Read More' below.

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