May 13th, 2010

Gorillaz live on Le Grand Journal (French tv show) 2 songs and Damon interview - watch again online

The Gorillaz band appeared live on the French Tv show Le Grand Journal tonight. They performed On Melancholy Hill, Rhinestone Eyes (this second track was a web stream exclusive) and Damon was interviewed briefly. There was also a brief shot of the band backstage (thanks to Clelia for help with this news item).

To watch the songs / interview:-

For the songs, go here and click on 'Gorillaz en live - 1' for On Melancholy Hill, or click on 'Gorillaz en live - Titre exclusif' for Rhinestone Eyes.

For the Damon interview, you need to access the stream of the whole show, you can find that here. The Gorillaz and Damon section starts about 8-9 minutes in. The interview has Damon's answers dubbed in French, and questions in French. We'll try and bring you a translation soon, though it is pretty lighthearted and throwaway.

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Gorillaz O2 Priority booking video - features both Gorillaz bands

Chanticleer writes:- "I've just been sent this video from o2, promoting the fact that as an o2 customer I get early access to tickets for the UK tour. Frankly, it's brilliant! You've probably seen o2's 'priority' campaign where various celebrities walk in slow motion from dressing room to stage. This is the exact same thing but with the live band and the virtual band.".

Check out the video on Youtube:-

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