May 12th, 2010

Gorillaz in NME this week / passport / Damon interview: 'the characters may join us onstage'

There's lots of Gorillaz content in this week's issue of NME magazine (cover date 15 May, MIA cover):-

  • A new interview with Damon where he speaks about Gorillaz, including the comment "There's some cutting-edge technology that, fingers crossed, by the time we reach that tour in the autumn we might be able to utilise to have the characters onstage next to the musicians" (click 'Read More' for extracts...) . Accompanying the article is a new Damon picture from backstage at the Roundhouse.
  • A Gorillaz 'passport' (nicely-done mini-booklet that looks like a passport including a textured cover). Contains an edited version of the Phase 3 story e-booklet, also contains a symbol you can view on your iPhone or computer webcam, to unlock exclusive content. You can also print out the special symbol at
  • Chance to win a trip to the USA to see Gorillaz if your magazine has a lucky golden ticket (Gorillaz-Unofficial's didn't :-( )
  • (Not included in the magazine as such, but..) free mp3 of Superfast Jellyfish (Mighty Mouse Remix) - via this link to their website.

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