May 11th, 2010

Mark E. Smith comments about working with Gorillaz

There's an interview with Mark E. Smith, guest star on Gorillaz' track Glitter Freeze in the current issue (issue 50, Julian Casablancas cover) of the UK magazine Clash. Here is the Gorillaz extract:-

Outside of The Fall, you've just guested on the new Gorillaz album 'Plastic Beach'...
Yeah. I never related it to Blur. They just kept asking me and I was like 'I don't wanna do it,' then I thought 'Well, maybe they need some help.' I actually thought Gorillaz were some kiddie rap, like helping out Dizzee Rascal or something. I didn't realise it's a big thing, so I arrive at the studio limping, [Mark was recovering from a leg injury at the time], and...

...Damon Albarn was there?
Yeah. I walk in and there's all the stars of the universe there, people you're supposed to know. Domino [his record label] were crying, like, 'You've worked with Damon Albarn'. It's a very southern thing. Where I live in Manchester, Gorillaz mean jack shit, honestly. But down there Blur are like gods aren't they? It's alien to me.

Were you more of a fan of your fellow Lancastrians Oasis, then?
Yeah. Blur were doing a nancy Oasis thing. They were shite. My lads [in the band] are like, 'Who the fuck's Blur? Who the fuck's Oasis?' That's why I adore them. They're more into Motorhead. I think that's the best way.

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'Plastic Beach' iTunes Store app released (CORRECTION)

Drummer5290 was the first to send the news that today a Gorillaz app called 'Plastic Beach' was released on the iTunes store.

You can get it for free (though you need an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to use it) and it includes a Gorillaz storybook similar to the one released in the Plastic Beach iTunes LP and on the Tweetenator (with previously released images), a 'virtual passport' interface, links to buy Gorillaz music and tour tickets and Sub Division subscriptions, access to the news feed and a function for adding Gorillaz graphics to photos. CORRECTION:- Apparently the camera function of the app is not for adding graphics to photos, but for taking pictures of special Gorillaz symbols, to unlock new content. One symbol that works with it is included in the Gorillaz passport that comes with the latest issue of NME magazine - see the Gorillaz-Unofficial news item above.

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