May 9th, 2010

Manchester MEN Arena Gorillaz show rumour - September 12th

Theysaywellletssee sends the news that a ticket agency website is offering to sell tickets for a Gorillaz show at Manchester's MEN Arena on September 12.

There have been several comments from Damon indicating that there will be a Gorillaz tour in the Autumn and in one case 'September' was mentioned (the tour is likely to be an arena tour, in the UK at least - Damon also mentioned that there would 'probably' be dates at the O2 arena in London).

You can check out the listing on the ticket agency website here. However please note: fans are advised NOT to order tickets from this website for several reasons. Firstly, the date has not been officially confirmed. Secondly, there is no way this agency even has tickets yet. Thirdly, it may well be possible to get tickets in the general sale or presale much cheaper than the prices there. Gorillaz-Unofficial is linking to this site solely to show there is a rumour that there will be a Gorillaz show at the MEN Arena at that date.

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Gorillaz Sub Division and online store launched

oskar j was the first to send the news that the Gorillaz Sub Division (the new version of Gorillaz' online fanclub, as previewed a couple of days ago) has now launched (and is open to new membership - all G-Club members are now automatically Gorillaz Sub Division members), and with it the Gorillaz online store (which returns after a long absence).

Along with the previously-announced things for Gorillaz Sub Division, members can also a download a 'digital poster' in the member's area, which can be used to make high quality posters of up to A3 size.

There are also lots of new items in the Gorillaz Shop. Check it out here. Alongside just about all the official clothing released this phase (with a couple of exceptions, e.g. the rehearsal tour exclusive shirt and the pink writing Plastic Beach shirt) you will see 3 new Gorillaz lithographs and new badge, postcard and patch sets.

The store is currently only open for the UK and Europe however. USA and the rest of the world orders will be taken soon, according to a notice on the store site.

UPDATE:- nintendoboy writes in:- " stumbled upon the fanfire/Live Nation store which is selling the same merch, but in USD (and cheaper as well)!:- here on"

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'Listen again' to Murdoc on XFM's The Residency / preview mention of next week's show

Murdoc was on XFM, the UK radio station, tonight, broadcasting the first of his 4 weekly Sunday night DJ sets - as we previously reported that he would be.

You can listen again on the web here:-

You may need to enter a UK postcode to listen again. (if you're asked you could try "SE9 3NS") as a random one.

Murdoc also announced on the show that for next week's program he will have 2D in the studio and they will be playing 100% Gorillaz material: album cuts as well as "B-Sides, remixes, outtakes and more"

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Gorillaz to perform On Melancholy Hill on French Tv this Wednesday (May 12th)

Gorillaz are going to perform On Melancholy Hill on the program 'Le Grand Journal' on its wednesday edition (12th May), on the channel Canal Plus. (source:- the French website here).

It should be available to watch online here after the tv broadcast:- however if anyone is able to record and upload it that would also be a great help.

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Gorillaz UK / Eire TOUR ANNOUNCED and New D&J interview

Dates are:
Friday, September 10th, Birmingham NIA
Saturday, September 11th, Newcastle Metro Arena
Sunday, September 12th, Manchester Evening News Arena
Tuesday, September 14th, O2 Arena London
Wednesday, September 15th, O2 Arena London
Wednesday, September 22nd Dublin O2 Arena

Guests to be confirmed.

Fanclub presale: 18th May 9am

Gorillaz forthcoming tour (or at least, the UK leg) is due to be announced tomorrow (Monday 10th). On this XFM show tonight, Murdoc advised listeners to look for a tour announcement tomorrow. Additionally, the UK newspaper The Times has an article in its May 10th edition which includes an interview with Damon and Jamie, mentioning the tour and stating that the first date with be September 10th at the Birmingham NIA.

Check out the interview article on the website of The Times here.

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