May 7th, 2010

Murdoc To Present The Residency on XFM

Ke$ha sends the news that throughout the month of May, for an hour every Sunday, between 9pm and 10pm, Murdoc will be broadcasting on the radio station XFM from the Plastic Beach. Murdoc has apparently promised an eclectic mix of music that will undoubtedly feature some of the guests which have graced the band’s record over the years.

Tune in next Sunday (May 9) between 9pm and 10pm to listen to Gorillaz’ first show. (source article on the XFM site here). You can listen to XFM online at

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'Backstage with Gorillaz' article in NME (UPDATE: NME online gallery added)

Beatfloh sends the scans of an article that appears in this week's NME, featuring backstage comments and photos from Gorillaz' recent Roundhouse shows. As usual, click a picture to enlarge it.

UPDATE 09/05/10:- They have added a gallery on too. Includes some backstage / soundcheck photos, including pics of Paul, Little Dragon and Damon... here.

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Superfast Jellyfish (Don Diablo Remix) out now

Darkneurotic sends the news that the Don Diablo remix of Superfast Jellyfish ( which we previewed a while ago in this news item) has now been released. Whilst it has not been declared official by Gorillaz (at least not yet) it was commissioned by Gorillaz' record company and Don Diablo was supplied with the remix parts.

It's all over the web already, and one site you can hear it on is The Hats And Friends.

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G-Club becomes Sub Division‏ / new info and details

Thanks to Droid and badninja for sending in the news (all announced in an email sent to G-Club members today):-

Gorillaz' official online fanclub the G-Club has been renamed 'Gorillaz Sub Division'. There will be a formal launch / re-launch of Gorillaz Sub Division in the next few days (as previously noted - the signup for the G-Club has been down quite a while). Existing G-Club members will have their memberships extended to one year from the launch of Gorillaz Sub Division.

Gorillaz Sub Division members will get (as already announced for the G-Club) the Stylo toy car, 25% discount off one order from the G-Shop, access to a Gorillaz live stream.

In addition, clarification has been issued about fan club presales for the forthcoming "UK, Europe and USA" tour:- each Gorillaz Sub Division member will be able to buy up to 4 tickets in the presale, for one show. Also newly announced is that Sub Division members will have priority access to 'special Sub Division events' which may be announced from time to time.

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