May 4th, 2010

Pro reviews of the Roundhouse shows

Gorillaz' two dates at The Roundhouse in Camden, London have met with almost universal critical acclaim. Amongst the most notable reviews are the following (click a link to open a new window) (most of the reviews have pictures too!):-

The Sun (very positive)
The Financial Times (4/5)
The Independent. 5/5
The Telegraph (5/5)
The Express (4/5)
The Guardian (5/5)
CNN (very positive)
The Observer (mixed)
The Evening Standard (4/5)

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Reminder: Gorillaz special on Radio 1 at 7pm BST - watch video interview now / (UPDATE: transcript)

A Gorillaz special is airing on Radio 1 at 7pm BST today (that's about 15 minutes' away, from the time of posting this news item)

A Damon & Jamie interview is promised, as well as live tracks from the Roundhouse. You can listen online here:-

(thanks to KissMyPlastique who was first to send in the reminder).

UPDATE 21:00 BST:- The live broadcast is now over but Droid sends the news that you can watch a video interview with Damon and Jamie, parts of which were aired on the show, on the Radio 1 site here. People in certain countries can use the 'listen again' feature on that page to listen to the whole show again for 7 days as well.

UPDATE #2 06/05/10:- interview transcript added. Click 'Read More' below to read it

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