April 30th, 2010

New Damon and Jamie interview with Wired.com

orion70 was the first to send the news that wired.com have a new interview with Damon and Jamie. Check it out on the Wired site here.

One interesting detail is information about a different version of Glitter Freeze:-

"Hewlett: There’s another version of “Glitter Freeze,” which is quite an epic song, where he was having a long, long chat, and we’ll put that out at some point. He plays the part of a pirate on a ship, the Glitter Freeze, and he’s just singing about swabbing out the deck. Einar from the Sugarcubes plays his mad parrot, squawking in his ear, and it has a real sort of [Ennio] Morriconian lift to it at some point with some of the harmonies that Damon does. Personally, that’s my favorite version, but it was [Albarn's] decision.
Albarn: I can’t even remember how I did that, I should really go back in. We’ll put the other version out, but it just didn’t sit with the other songs on this release.

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London Roundhouse, 29th April - reports and content

Add your reports and any pictures, reviews or information in the comments below. The news item may be updated to feature notable content submitted, over time.

Setlist:- Orchestral Intro / Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach / Last Living Souls / O Green World / On Melancholy Hill / Kids With Guns / Stylo / Rhinestone Eyes / Broken / Empire Ants / Dirty Harry / White Flag / Superfast Jellyfish / DARE / Glitter Freeze / El Manana / Cloud Of Unknowing // Sweepstakes / To Binge / Feel Good Inc / Clint Eastwood

* The guest lineup was the same as Coachella except Mos Def, Kano, Bashy, Rosie Wilson and Shaun Ryder appeared as well.
* White Flag had an extended intro played just by The Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic Music, which was almost a standalone song
* Superfast Jellyfish had new visuals, a fast-cutting set of stills, mostly of closeups of fast food related images, with some occasional jellyfish images
* Murdoc appeared on the screen in the same way as Coachella (telling someone in the audience he could only get three of something, and hoping that would be okay)
* Sweepstakes had a fairground intro and outro, with Damon playing on piano and Mos freestyling like a ringmaster / fairground game operator
* Before Feel Good Inc, a short 3d animated clip of the Noodle Droid was shown, which was the finished version of the storyboard that can be seen on the 'Making Of' Plastic Beach DVD - i.e. the inner workings of the android's face were shown then the outer human face swung over it, closing the head.

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Gorillaz live at the Roundhouse April 30th (TODAY) - stream reminder / your comments

From the latest Gorillaz official mailout:-

"Gorillaz make a triumphant return from the mayhem and brilliance that was Coachella to play Camden's Roundhouse this Thursday 29th and Friday 30th. If you're lucky enough to have a ticket you're guaranteed a great show! But if not, DON'T FEAR!! Gorillaz will be bringing you exclusive highlights of Friday's show! You'll be able to watch live performances of tracks from 'Plastic Beach' streamed live at http://gorillaz.com and the Gorillaz Facebook Page the stream will start at 10pm BST / 9pm GMT/ 5pm EST (New York)."

If you like you can add comments to this item about the performance, either during or after the stream goes out.

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