April 28th, 2010

Damon and Jamie interview on Fuse TV (video, transcript)

Many of you requested it... now here it is, in full, the interview with Damon and Jamie shown on Fuse TV on April 22nd. All thanks to Rickchick who sent in the great video! You can also read a transcript by clicking 'Read More' below. The sound is slightly out of sync on the video (all G-U's fault, not Rickchick's) but it's still a great interview and not to be missed.

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New mailout from Gorillaz.com - reminders, Experience Edition owners bonus

CH23 sends the news that a new Gorillaz email has gone out which includes reminders (for e.g. the MTV stream of the Roundhouse 30th April show - streaming 10pm BST (that's 9pm GMT) on Friday, from Gorillaz.com and the Gorillaz Facebook page, according to the email) and also the previously unreleased information that owners of the Plastic Beach Experience Edition will get an exclusive 4 tracks from the MTV performance for streaming from the Experience Edition login area of Gorillaz.com .

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Toddla T Remix of Superfast Jellyfish released

orion70 sends the news that the Toddla T Remix of Superfast Jellyfish is now available to download for free, legally, from the Annie Mac Presents website - you have to sign up to get it. Get the mp3 on the site here.

This remix was definitely commissioned by Gorillaz, Toddla T's name was mentioned as one of the possible remixers by an official source previously. However it might not have got approval, because it didn't appear on the Superfast Jellyfish Remixes promo CD.

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New Murdoc MTV blog - mentions Gorillaz AOL session, iTunes store session(?)

LuckyLungs sends the news that Murdoc has posted the latest in his series of blogs at MTV.com . It's an account of his recent adventures in the USA and a preview of the Roundhouse shows (April 29th & 30th).

Perhaps most notably, Murdoc mentions that Gorillaz completed an AOL Session in the USA and (possibly) an iTunes Store session, this alongside the previously-announced session for the radio station 101.9 RXP. Check out Murdoc's blog on MTVMusic.com here.

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New Damon / Jamie interview excerpts on Spinner.com

Droid sends the news that spinner.com have posted some new comments from an interview with Damon and Jamie. Several media outlets have picked up on the following Damon comment: ""I recorded an awful lot of music for this record, about 80 pieces of music in total. So, theoretically there is a part two and part three of 'Plastic Beach' if we ever felt motivated to spend another few years finishing it. But because it's so eclectic, it takes a long time to actually get a picture because we don't start with a picture or an idea." Read the full set of interview comments here.

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