April 24th, 2010

New Gorillaz art and Murdoc interview in 'Trois Couleurs' French magazine

grelotte sends the news that the French magazine 'Trois Couleurs' has new Gorillaz art in its current issue, including a cover picture. In addition to the cover and a picture of Noodle, Murdoc has been added to a still from the Russian film 'Come And See' (the magazine have a regular feature where they recall a scene from a cult film, and Gorillaz chose a scene from this movie (however, the text on the page is dialogue from a different scene from the same movie)). There is also a new interview with Murdoc in the magazine.

You can download a free copy of the magazine in pdf format from the Trois Couleurs website:- http://www.mk2.com/pdf/3couleurs_80.zip (right click, save target as).

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On Melancholy Hill promo artwork

The artwork below is being used on an official CD promo of On Melancholy Hill. The promo, which includes the radio edit of the track, is not widely circulated at this point but that may soon change. This art may be the official single artwork (On Melancholy Hill was planned to be third single from Plastic Beach according to a previous interview with one of Gorillaz' label bosses - previous G-U news item here. (thanks to Anonymous and orion70 for their help with this news item).

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