April 23rd, 2010

Damon and Jamie comment on Coachella / Gorillaz live session for 101.9 RXP coming soon

Jezabella sends the news that Damon and Jamie appeared on New York's 101.9 RXP radio station today. You can listen to a clip now (if you have any information about whether a fuller interview appeared on the broadcast please contact the site). In the clip, it is also confirmed that Gorillaz have recorded a live session for 101.9 RXP, but no dates / times for that were stated. Listen to the clip on the 101.9 RXP site here.

Those comments about Coachella in full:-
Damon: we were just literally in the other room looking at it on Youtube, and yeah, what do we think?
Jamie: Well I thought it was great, I really enjoyed it, it was a real experience. It was hard to tell, you know, I mean, we have that big screen and all of our performers and, you know, a lot of people in the audience and you can never can tell how it's gonna come off in that environment.. but I was sort of.. probably.. near the back, and it looked great and sounded great, it was exciting. The crowd seemed to love it, there were thousands of mobile phones, you could see thousands of little tv screens, and thousands of little cameras.
Damon: The only time I've ever experienced a reaction like that have been like at the top end of Blur gigs. So.. and I've never experienced that in America. So for me that was a first, in America, to 1) headline such a big festival and 2) to get that kind of reaction. And to have such a great time. I mean I really enjoyed it. It's taken me a long time to learn how to enjoy America, as you know I've always found it a bit difficult, aspects of it. But it feels like home now, especially New York.

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MTV news interviews Damon and Jamie about Gorillaz - some excerpts (UPDATE: added more quotes)

orion70 sends the news that MTV News conducted an interview with Damon and Jamie yesterday. Some quotes from the interview are available to read on mtv.com - here and here, and there's a short video clip from the interview here (may not be viewable by people in certain countries). If we hear about any more content from this interview being released, we'll let you know.

UPDATE 23/04/10 23:32:- MTV have posted another article on their site with some more quotes from the interview and another mini video, check it out here.

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Gorillaz on The Colbert Report - interview and Stylo performance, Murdoc calls in (UPDATE)

Gorillaz appeared on the US tv show The Colbert Report last night (22 April). Stylo was performed live, there was a short interview with Damon and Jamie, and Murdoc called in to the show. Gorillaz fan thezombiepwnage writes:- "This was just wonderful. Stylo was really nice as usual, really groovy, and Bobby, even if he was a little off time, did a gre@t job vocally and the crowd really seemed to love him. The interviews were short and sweet. The funniest thing about Murdoc's phone call, to me, was the whole quickness of it. The D&J interview was somewhat odd, but funny and to be expected from Colbert. Absolutely loved the jokes related to Susan Boyle. I also loved Stephen throughout the whole thing. From before he took the call with Murdoc, to the interview with our dastardly duo. He was just gre@t."

UPDATE:- watch the Gorillaz segments of the show HERE, if you have any problems watching the videos please let us know in the comments below.

People in certain countries can watch the whole episode on the Colbert site here however the video on that site is blocked for some countries - the rest of us will have to seek alternative means to view it.

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