April 18th, 2010

New Gorillaz clothing designs (UPDATED)

nocterayne sends the picture of a previously-unseen Gorillaz clothing designs. These shirts are available to buy at Coachella and may be available elsewhere in future. The first photo shows a tshirt with all four members, coloured in a similar way to one of the Phase 2 Gorillaz figure series - this appears to be the final version of a tshirt previously advertised on play.com which never went onsale, play.com showed a picture of the Gorillaz coloured 'normally' on their holding page for the tshirt. The second photo shows, along with the previously-seen Plastic Beach design, a design featuring Murdoc and the Noodle droid.

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Certain Gorillaz performers not able to make it to Coachella

You may have heard about the ash cloud (from volcanic eruptions in Iceland) affecting international air travel through Europe. There were virtually no flights out of the UK on Friday or Saturday and it's expected that Sunday flights may be similarly affected.

Some performers due to play at the Coachella music festival have been stranded in Europe. The good news is that the Gorillaz band including Damon Albarn made it over to the USA before the cloud hit and as reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial performed a show in Los Angeles on Friday. The Gorillaz live visuals were also showcased at the rehearsal so will be unaffected.

However it seems that some performers due to take the stage as part of the Gorillaz show at Coachella will not be able to make it. The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble have tweeted that they will be missing Coachella as they are stuck in Ireland. Murdoc tweeted that Kano and Bashy are stuck in the UK. Mos Def performed a show in the UK on April 15th (Thursday) so is unlikely to have made it to the USA. Further members of the Gorillaz party may be affected (e.g. Shaun Ryder), further information as we get it.

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