April 17th, 2010

Aaron Lacrate remix of Superfast Jellyfish - features Mz Streamz

Rapswag has a stream of the Aaron Lacrate remix of Superfast Jellyfish here. Aaron Lacrate has clearly had access to the original track materials to create his remix, and has been asked by Gorillaz to create the mix. Whether it gets official approval remains to be seen.

The track also features a rap from rapper Mz Streamz. The Baltimore Sun has an article here in which Mz Streamz says she got to meet "the people behind the cartoons" and that the track she worked on will be released as a 'B-Side' soon. No word on whether this remix is the track Mz Streamz refers to in the article.

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Coachella rehearsal show reports (UPDATED)

Gorillaz played a Coachella rehearsal show in Burbank, LA tonight at Center Staging Sound Studios.

Setlist:- Orchestal Intro / Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach / Last Living Souls / O Green World / On Melancholy Hill / Kids With Guns / Stylo / Rhinestone Eyes / Broken / Empire Ants / Dirty Harry / White flag / Superfast Jellyfish / Glitter freeze / El Mañana / Clint Eastwood / To Binge / Feel good Inc / Stylo / Cloud of Unknowing

Thanks to Anonymous from Tennessee (read Anonymous' report in the comments below).

Respect Stella has a writeup on Livejournal here.

Melodious Me has a writeup on Livejournal here.

Leave reports / links / pictures etc in the comments below.

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