April 16th, 2010

Superfast Jellyfish remixes update - 2 made official, Don Diablo clip

We've been bringing you news about the remixes for the second single off Plastic Beach, Superfast Jellyfish (check out this previous post to listen to the Evil 9, Mighty Mouse and Unicorn Kid remixes. Still no sign of the Toddla T remix). Some further news on these:-

Gorillaz have made the Mighty Mouse and Unicorn Kid remixes official and have uploaded them to their official Youtube account. Check them out:- Unicorn Kid / Mighty Mouse. (thanks to pookalookamon and gothicyolita for sending the news).

In addition, darkneurotic sends the news that Don Diablo has completed a remix too, check out the message on his Twitter here and check out a preview on Youtube here.

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Gorillaz Tweetentor unveiled

Amaya92 sends the news:-
"Check out the Gorillaz Tweetenator here: http://gorillaz.com/tweetenator. Fans across the world that can't make it to Coachella this year can follow all the action in real time as fans on the ground at the festival tweet photos, videos, and highlights of the live performance and tag their tweets with #Gorillaz. All #Gorillaz tagged tweets will automatically be displayed in real time on the Gorillaz Tweetenator page, bringing fans virtually closer to the spectacle"

There is also an electronic storybook on the page detailing the Gorillaz backstory for Phase 3 which will be new to many fans, having previously appeared only in the iTunes Deluxe LP of Plastic Beach.

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