April 14th, 2010

Coachella stage times released

Stage times for Coachella are now out - you can check them out on the Coachella site here. Gorillaz are on at 10:30pm on the Sunday. Notably, they take to the stage 1 hour and 35 minutes after the previous act on the main stage (Coachella Stage) is due to finish - lots of time to set up those visuals. Also, according to the schedule there will be virtually no other acts playing whilst Gorillaz do their set (with the exception of Yann Tiersen on the Mojave stage) unlike for the headline acts on the previous days, so they may get a bumper crowd.

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New Murdoc blog at Mtvmusic

Murdoc has written a third blog for Mtvmusic and you can check it out here.

He reveals some more details about the Boogieman, who he apparently signed a deal with to help Gorillaz more famous (and now he doesn't want to pay up), and the details behind the recruitment of a Gorillaz live band for Coachella.

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