April 13th, 2010

Damon comment about poet / poem he borrowed from in Stylo lyrics

demon_rednet sends the news that Damon made a brief appearance on a radio documentary about Michael Horovitz, a UK poet. Damon is a big fan of Horovitz' work and as the official credits for Stylo state, Stylo features some lyrics that are adapted from a poem by Horovitz "A Postcard from Ireland" (the 'A giant fish...' part). Michael Horovitz has also organised a series of events called the 'Poetry Olympics' in the UK and various celebrities including Damon have taken part in these in past.

Damon comments of the material he used for Stylo: "it feels very comfortable in that context, which is interesting, I think. Because it's not a connection that people would make. Michael Horovitz and Gorillaz. The full relevant excerpt of the poem, as read out in the radio documentary, is: "Behold out of nowhere a message emblazoned across the sky / 'Guinness for strength' / The complete angler is silent / Bringing his catch of a lifetime to land / Only these words are incumbent upon him / But the giant fish as it leaps from the stream / Gut curdles / Its death throes / From the end of the line"

You can listen to the radio documentary on the BBC iPlayer here for one week if you are in the UK (Damon's part starts around 25:00). If not, you can download the part of the show with Damon's comment on from Sendspace here

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Unicorn Kid remix of Superfast Jellyfish listen online (UPDATE #2: Evil 9, Mighty Mouse remixes)

As previously reported (here), Superfast Jellyfish is the next single from Plastic Beach and several artists including Toddla T, Kid Unicorn, Evil Nine and Mighty Mouse (and possibly others) have been enlisted to create remixes of the track.

It's still not known at this stage which if any of these will become officially endorsed by Gorillaz, but the first Superfast Jellyfish remix to get a play was Kid Unicorn's, played on Zane Lowe's show on BBC Radio 1 last night. You can listen to the show again on BBC iPlayer here. It's played around 1 hour 42 minutes into the show. (thanks to fliny for sending in the news).

You can also listen to it on Pitchfork here.

UPDATE: 'WE ARE FACE ACHE' got hold of the Evil 9 Remix of Superfast Jellyfish and you can listen to it online on their site here.

UPDATE: The Line Of Best Fit have the Mighty Mouse Remix of Superfast Jellyfish, listen online at their site here

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