April 9th, 2010

News of another Superfast Jellyfish remix - Mighty Mouse

KissmyPlastique sends news of another Superfast Jellyfish remix (see the previous Gorillaz-Unofficial news item here which reveals that Evil Nine, Toddla T and Unicorn Kid have made remixes of Superfast Jellyfish).

This time it's Mighty Mouse who have done a remix, but as they tweet, whether it becomes official is all down to whether Gorillaz (i.e. Damon) approves it. Check out their twitter here.

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White Flag 10" sleeve and tracklisting revealed

As we reported back in March here that White Flag would be getting a release on 10" vinyl as part of Record Store Day (an initiative to get people to visit their local independent record stores). We can now reveal the sleeve (pictured below). The tracklisting is 1. White Flag, 2. Pirate's Progress. Only 1000 have been pressed and they will only officially be available via Record Store Day 2010, which takes place on April 17, 2010. You can find a store close to you on the official Record Store Day site here though it's probably worth emailing or calling your local store ahead of time to ask if they will have copies of White Flag.
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Gorillaz in HMV advert - new art - part of HMV's 'my inspiration' series

Kenton09 sends the news (and scans) that Gorillaz are the latest artists to take part in HMV's 'My inspiration' campaign ( the 'My Inspiration' campaign began in 2006 and many celebrities and artists have taken part, more info on the HMV site here ).

Their contribution features new art is not as straightforwardly about an inspiration as most others in the series. Click 'Read More' below to see the full print advert. It appears in the current edition of the free HMV magazine 'The Fly' in the UK (which can be obtained free from HMV stores) but may feature elsewhere also, more information as we get it.

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