April 8th, 2010

G-Club allocation of tickets to the Coachella rehearsal - details officially out (UPDATE)

The final details for the G-Club allocation of tickets to the Gorillaz rehearsal have been officially released. G-Club members can view the details right now by going to Gorillaz.com and logging into the G-Club area. We've copy-pasted them for your convenience below:-

"G-Club has 40 pairs of tickets available to members. We'll be asking 2 questions and giving away 20 pairs of tickets per question to randomly selected members with the correct answer. Obviously we'd love you all to come but you won't all fit in!

Question 1 runs from 10am GMT Friday 9th of April until 9am GMT Monday the 12th
Question 2 runs from 10am GMT Monday 12th until Tuesday 9am GMT

Winners will be notified the following working day. Members can enter the competition as many times as they like although only 2 tickets in total will be available to each winner. Under 16's must be accompanied by an Adult."

UPDATE 13:30 GMT 09/04/10:- The first question is now up on the G-Club page on gorillaz.com . Members can access it by logging into G-Club area on the gorillaz.com site. Be careful as once you have chosen your answer to the multiple-choice question, you cannot go back and change it.

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