April 7th, 2010

Evil Nine posts about finishing Gorillaz remix / other possible remixes

fliny sends the news that Evil Nine posted on their Twitter today "Finishing our Gorillaz remix today, it's BIGGGG!!! Damon better like it.... XP" (see the tweet here ). They later added "and cliches.....hope he likes 9oh9's & M1 house piano's.

The track in question is Superfast Jellyfish. Evil Nine are due to deliver a Superfast Jellyfish remix this week to Gorillaz, as are Toddla T and Unicorn Kid. However, as with Stylo, it is not certain that all commissioned remixes will go on to become official and Gorillaz-approved. More information on Superfast Jellyfish remixes as we get it.

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Update on G-Club ticket allocation for LA rehearsal show (UPDATE)

To follow up this previous Gorillaz-Unofficial news item - the details about the show and the K-ROQ and FM94/9 contests are still current.

Fans will have noted though that there was no G-Club contest for tickets today (6 April). We have heard straight from the source (Gorillaz' management) that there will be revised arrangements for the G-Club allocation and the G-Club will be mailed tomorrow (7 April) with full details. We'll post them up here too asap.

UPDATE 10:30am GMT 08/04/10:- This morning around 8am GMT Murdoc tweeted "G Club. Check your inbox later!!!!!" ( on this Twitter here ) and Gorillaz-Unofficial has been personally reassured that the folks behind the scenes are working all out to get that sent out and the contest set up. We'll post any further updates as we get them.

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