March 27th, 2010

Birmingham Irish Centre 26th March - reports and information

Gorillaz played a show in their rehearsal tour tonight at Birmingham's Irish Centre venue.

Notably, Empire Ants was played for the first time.

Setlist: Orchestral Intro / Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach / Last Living Souls / O Green World / On Melancholy Hill / Kids With Guns / Stylo / Rhinestone Eyes / Broken / Dirty Harry / White Flag / Superfast Jellyfish / Glitter Freeze / Empire Ants / DARE / El Manana / Don't Get Lost In Heaven / Demon Days // To Binge / Feel Good Inc / Clint Eastwood

If you have any further information, reviews, pictures, audio or video, please leave a comment below. Highly notable material will be collected in the main body of the news item.

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Escape To Plastic Beach full version available / Gorillaz iphone app coming

terry.craig was first to send the news:-

"he Escape To Plastic Beach game has risen from beta to a final version! It features more chapters, more music, as well as including an mp3 of Superfast Jellyfish in the final chapter.

Jada adds:-

"Some of the games are kinda hard, but alot of fun to play. One of the games shows Murdoc swimming though the sea to get Noodle and 2D to the bunker and the submarine. The other basically have you driving in the Stylo car either avoiding Bruce Willis, trying to get to the end of the level, or shooting the policeman's car with Cyborg Noodle. Great game!"

PumaManDan adds:-

"There is one last thing you should add to the news of the "Escape from PB" Game, Chapter 3 of it is going to be made into an iPhone/iPod Touch app.

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