March 25th, 2010

Photos of Snoop Dogg on a 'Gorillaz video' shoot [UPDATE - photos deleted]

UPDATE 17:00 GMT:- The photos have been deleted from tweetphoto.

Thanks to hockeypuck11, Triassic and Lacclemons who all send the news that Snoop Dogg has posted on his official Twitter (here) linking to some photos of him at a 'Gorillaz Video' shoot. The full tweet was:-

"RT @SIX3INHEELS: On set with @snoopdogg shooting Gorillaz Video!"

You can see all five photos on Tweetphoto here. They also have captions "GANGSTA BLACK & WHITE SHOT OF @SNOOPDOGG ON THE SET OF GORRILAZ SHOOT!", "This was tha Gorillaz animation of @snoopdogg", "Our original Refrence. Strong black leader 1800's" "Tha Captain of tha ship! @SnoopDogg", "On set with @snoopdogg shooting Gorillaz Video!"

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Update on Gorillaz / Eddy Grant story - Gorillaz' manager says he has not been contacted

Continuing our coverage of the Eddy Grant / Gorillaz story (previous coverage on Gorillaz-Unofficial here and here, Chris Morrison, head of Gorillaz' management company, has commented on the matter. He told BBC Radio 1, "Nobody has officially approached me about any contravention of any copyright. When I'm approached I'll deal with it." Check out the news item here.

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