March 22nd, 2010

Gorillaz tour news: Major UK tour in September, Roundhouse shows before that

Tonight at Gorillaz' gig at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms, Damon announced onstage that Gorillaz would be doing a proper full UK tour in September.

Also overheard (from a Gorillaz insider) whilst waiting in line to get in:- 'two or three' shows at London's Roundhouse are due to be announced early next week, and these will take place well before the main September tour.

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Report and setlist from Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms Gorillaz show / vids - add your comments and info

Tonight Gorillaz played a show at Portsmouth's (UK) Wedgewood Rooms.

Setlist:- Orchestral Intro / Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach / Last Living Souls / O Green World / Stylo / On Melancholy Hill / Kids With Guns / Some Kind Of Nature / Rhinestone Eyes / Broken / Dirty Harry / White Flag / Superfast Jellyfish / Glitter Freeze / DARE / El Manana / Don't Get Lost In Heaven / Demon Days // To Binge / Clint Eastwood / Feel Good Inc

If you have any information, comments, pictures, audio or video to share, please leave a comment or link below.

User Edd345 has some videos on Youtube If you find more videos, post links in the comments below and we'll add them to the news item.

Further information about the show:-
  • The band was as previously announced. Four backing singers were also onstage (including Wayne Hernandez, who was later introduced by Damon as someone he had worked with since Blur's album '13') but apart from that all guest stars and strings etc appeared as recordings only.
  • the band all wore at least one item of naval clothing, though the items varied a great deal, from just a striped 'sailor' top to almost full naval gear. Cass Browne wore an almost exact replica of Murdoc's hat in this picture. The backing singers wore Gorillaz 'sub division' tshirts (see below)
  • There were no Gorillaz live visuals at all.
  • 'Sweepstakes' was on the band's setlists (with a line through it) between Broken and Dirty Harry, but was not played.
  • After 'Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach' Damon introduced the show, explaining it was a rehearsal for Coachella. Later in the show, after Stylo, he said Gorillaz would tour the UK with proper full shows with guests, in September.
  • Mick Jones did an exotic dance during the first orchestral bit of White Flag, cheered on by the rest of the band.
  • Damon changed the lyric 'melancholy town' to 'melancholy hill' in Feel Good Inc
  • Before 'Broken' someone called for 'Song 2' and Damon, who was introducing Wayne at the time, suggested jokingly that Wayne could do a solo version using the vocoder. Before 'To Binge' someone called for 'Parklife' and Damon said 'if we did that, we'd have to do London Calling too' which was greeted with by most of the crowding shouting for 'London Calling' then jokingly booing when Damon shook his head.
  • tshirts available at the gig were: the two previously-seen Plastic Beach tees (black with red letters, white with black / pink letters), the previously seen white Stylo tshirt with Murdoc and Noodle, a tshirt just saying 'Stylo', the previously-seen Superfast Jellyfish tshirt, the tshirt as worn by the backing singers, which has the black silhouette of a submarine with 'Gorillaz Sub Division' written on it, and a small G Club logo on the back.

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    Gorillaz to play London Roundhouse / LA rehearsal show to be announced soon

    Gorillaz have officially confirmed in a mailout that they will play London's Roundhouse venue on April 29th & 30th.

    The shows will feature the Gorillaz band plus guests including Bashy, De La Soul, Kano, Little Dragon, Mos Def, National Orchestra for Arabic Music, Gruff Rhys, Shaun Ryder, and Bobby Womack. With songs taken from right across Gorillaz' back catalogue, the Roundhouse dates will include full Gorillaz production, featuring animation, artwork and film.

    Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 7.30am GMT Tuesday 23rd March to G-Club members and on general sale at 9am GMT Friday 26th March, priced at £45.

    G Club members will also have the opportunity to buy tickets to an exclusive rehearsal prior to Coachella. More information on that coming soon.

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    Prosecute Damon Albarn over on stage cigarette at Gorillaz show, urges anti-smoking charity

    UK newspaper The Independent has a story (that has also been picked up by other UK papers / sites) about how a UK anti-smoking charity has reacted to the news that several of the Gorillaz band smoked cigarettes onstage at the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms gig on Sunday night. Smoking inside in a place other than a private dwelling or hotel room is illegal in the UK, although it is legal if it is an integral part of an artistic performance (and several bands have pushed this exception in the past). Several members of the band smoked onstage including Damon, Cass, Mike and Paul.

    Amanda Sandford from the charity Action On Smoking And Health says "I suppose they [Gorillaz]think it's rebellious and they may get some extra kudos from it and maybe some extra publicity."

    Check out the story on the Independent site here.

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