March 21st, 2010

'Smooth Jazz Tribute To Gorillaz' unofficial covers / tribute album to be released

GorillazFreak12D3 sends the news that a CD called 'Smooth Jazz Tribute to Gorillaz' will be released on 6th April. This CD is unofficial and will presumably consiste of 'Smooth Jazz' covers of Gorillaz songs. There have been two such unofficial cover / tribute collections previously, both released in 2005. Check out the listing for this latest tribute album on the here.

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Guerilla Gorillaz marketing in Belgium

Terry Craig and Cit send the news that there was some more guerilla marketing from EMI for Gorillaz's Plastic Beach. This time in Belgium. You could win tickets to a Gorillaz show in London by photographing yourself with the bandmembers in the cities of Belgium. They hung up big posters in a lot of cities. The competition is now closed. Our friends at GorillazMX grabbed the promotional film footage before it was pulled from another site, and you can watch it on Youtube here.

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NY's 101.9 radio station "I'm With The Band" Gorillaz announcement due 12 noon GMT on Monday

Thanks to John, RosaJ and LordAcoustic for help with this news item:-

NY's 101.9 radio station has a Gorillaz-related announcement this Monday at 7am EST (12 noon GMT). They are advertising this with a banner on their website which says "I'm with the band gets animated". Check it out on their site

The "I'm with the Band" segments primarily deal with giving you responsibility (e.g., announcing the band onstage, interviewing them, being their photographer) in exchange for being around the band.

There is speculation that this could mean there will be a Gorillaz live show in New York. Past and current "Im with the band" include Dave mathews at Citi Field (NY Mets Stadium), Muse at MSG, Julian Casablancas at Irving Plaza, Passion Pit in Brooklyn.

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