March 19th, 2010

Murdoc spoof election posters in Paris

Fuliang and Clelia send the news. Clelia writes:-

"Found this quite amusing. Several articles mention those posters, I didn't see any though. It's a parody of Sarkozy's campaign, with Murdoc on it. There were regional elections here you know, it was done in that context. They explain in the articles.

article: Murdoc Appelle La France Aux Urnes

another article, including picture of the poster (which uses a Phase 2 image):- Gorillaz Fait Sa Propre Campagne Des Regionales

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Update on Time Warp / Stylo story : Time Warp to get digital re-release

An update about the Gorillaz / Eddy Grant story ( see previous Gorillaz-Unofficial news post here ) from

"Following Monday’s [allegation] by Eddy Grant, that Gorillaz have plagarised his track ‘Time Warp’ on their new release ‘Stylo’, Eddy’s original version of the 1977 disco hit will be available via all digital distributors on Sunday. (Amazon/ Itunes etc) . The beginning of this week saw Eddy’s outrage spread across the media and following online and radio plays of ‘Time Warp’ across the UK and throughout the week music lovers have called for it’s re-release. Eddy Says: “Time Warp” has always been a very popular song and has been a staple of the DJ scene for many years, now it’s available for the public to buy on digital format they will have the opportunity to see for themselves what a blatant Rip Off ‘Stylo” is, it’s practically note for note the same! Eddy is currently taking legal advice and in negotiations with his publishers, whom he shares with Gorillaz." Original story on here.

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White Flag to get limited release on 10" vinyl

Ben writes:-

"The list of exclusive releases for this years' Record Store Day has gone live on their website over the past twenty-four hours. These are normally releases pressed in very small numbers and distributed to nice independent record shops for sale on that day (normally quite inexpensively too). Amongst the list for this year's releases is a 12" of White Flag, meaning that it will be on sale on April 17th through independent record shops. Now, the list online is only confirmation for releases in America on that day, though usually the majority of things filter over to the UK. Fingers crossed anyway!"

You can check out the listing on the Record Store Day site, which lists a White Flag 10" here.

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