March 16th, 2010

On Melancholy Hill originally a TGTB&TQ song

matthieu sends the news that the Gorillaz song On Melancholy Hill was originally tried out by the band behind the album 'The Good, The Bad & The Queen', of which Damon was a member and songwriter.

In this video on Youtube, you can hear a bit of Melancholy Hill from 1:00 onwards, and in
this video also on Youtube, you can hear bits of the song from around 0:44-0:58.

If you want to read up on The Good, The Bad & The Queen, Wikipedia has plenty of information here.

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Rehearsal tour update - 2 dates sold out, 1 date to be opened up to general public

An update on the Gorillaz UK rehearsal tour - the Portsmouth Wedgwood Rooms and Brighton Old Market gigs are both now sold out.

In other news, coxonsglasses sends the news that the Lincoln Engine Shed gig will be opened up to the general public to buy tickets. Already subscribers to the Engine Shed mailing list can buy tickets, and on March 17th there will be a general sale. Tickets will be available from or call 0844 888 87 66. Tickets will also be available from HMV Lincoln.

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Reminder about the A-Z of Gorillaz radio program

Thanks to PumaDaMan for the reminder... we already mentioned the air date for this on Gorillaz-Unofficial but now that is passed you can still listen to the Radio 1 program 'the A-Z of Gorillaz' on the BBC site for a limited time. It features Murdoc talking to the host about his favorite things, A-Z, while talking about Plastic Beach. At the end Murdoc talks about the possibility of a 4th Gorillaz album. Listen to it on the BBC site here.

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Eddy Grant accuses Gorillaz' song 'Stylo' of being a copy of his song 'Time Warp'

A lot of people sent this one in - thanks to all of you. The first person to send it was cotsie:-

Musician Eddy Grant ( information on Wikipedia here) has accused Gorillaz' of copying his song 'Time Warp' for their song 'Stylo'.

If you want to compare the songs, you can listen to them on Youtube:- Time Warp | Stylo

When Stylo came out, many comments on Youtube noted its similarity to Eddy Grant's song. But this story only broke after Eddy Grant took legal advice on Friday and then, on Monday, contacted some websites and news outlets in the UK to air his greivances. His initial email read:-

“I am outraged that the Gorillaz have infringed the copyright of my song “Time Warp” claiming their song “Stylo” to be an original composition. My song sits almost note to note with their release and is a blatant rip off. “Time Warp” is a very popular song and has been a staple of the DJ scene for many years and I feel total disrespect from Gorilliaz and their management company, especially as they are an established act. I am very angry that this was not picked up by our mutual publisher EMI ‘s administration division. I do not blame my publishers but, the state of the industry at the current time with all labels and publishers folding into one and becoming incestuous. It’s such an obvious copy that from day one the band and their management should have taken control of this situation with EMI Publishing. I would like the outcome to be that the band admits that they have lifted my song, that I have a full credit for the song and an apology from the band.”

A further update then came when the NME contacted Grant to ask him questions about the statement. From NME.COM:-
"Grant said he feels the keyboard section on his song is the same as the recent release from Damon Albarn and co, and even suggested that the track's creators were aware of the clash. "Damon Albarn knows in his heart of hearts – it's unfortunate that we cant get into people's hearts – he knows that this is a song that he's loved, in his club days…I don't know the guy…but he knows this is a song he loves," he claimed, although he admitted that he had never met Albarn and had not realised the Blur man was behind Gorillaz until recently. Ironically, Grant explained that both he and Gorillaz/Albarn share the same publishing company, EMI, and was critical that they had not highlighted the issue to him before the new song's release. "It has to go back to the beginning, where it should have started with a phone call from Damon to my publisher. My publisher would have contacted me – the publisher being of course the same EMI that looks after his [music]," he explained. Grant suggested EMI have consulted a musicologist to compare the two tracks before he had been made aware of 'Stylo''s existence. "In a properly configured relationship I would have gotten a call from EMI to say, 'Damon wants to use 'Time Warp'. What arrangement can you guys come to? Would you claim 100 per cent, would you claim 60 per cent, or 70 per cent of whatever it is?'," he suggested. "That phone call never came. Instead what happened is somebody went straight to a musicologist, implying that there was some kind of pre-knowledge of some kind of infringement." A spokesperson for EMI Publishing told NME.COM: "This is a private matter between Eddy Grant and Gorillaz, and we're not intending to make any further comment."

Today the newspaper The Independent has a piece on the story (read it here), which includes some new quotes from Eddy, who has apparently vowed to "take it to God, let alone the courts". Nobody else has been able to confirm whether a musicologist was instructed by EMI to compare Stylo and Time Warp.

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Gorillaz live band line-up revealed / 'rumours of more announcements next week'

Droid was first to send the news that the latest Gorillaz mailout reveals the lineup of the Gorillaz live band (possibly for the whole of Phase 3 - certainly for the UK 'rehearsal tour' dates and Coachella):-

Mike Smith - Keyboards
Jesse Hackett - Keyboards
Paul Simonon - Bass
Cass Browne - Drums
Damon Albarn - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Gabriel Wallace - Drums
Geoff Wotton - Guitar
Mick Jones - Rhythm Guitar

Also in the news letter, there is a mention of 'rumours of more announcements next week'.

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