March 14th, 2010

Noodle pics from the iTunes Deluxe edition of Plastic Beach

Several people have written in with this one, a bit of an old story now, but these three Noodle pics were never formally covered on the main page of Gorillaz-Unofficial (basically all the other images in the iTunes Deluxe edition had been mentioned by Gorillaz-Unofficial before it came out, through magazine appearances etc) but for those who still haven't seen them, here are the previously unreleased images (a detail from one of them appears in the Experience Edition).
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Scans of Japanese Plastic Beach lyric booklet

Zedzilla sends scans of the Japanese lyric booklet which only appear in Japanese Standard and Japanese Experience Edition (though the same lyrics are present in digital form in the iTunes Deluxe edition). Eagle-eyed fans have noted that while the lyrics are generally very accurate, there are a few words that are a little off. Check out the full scans on Flickr here.

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Officially released help for getting the 'Experience' part of the PB Experience working

Gorillaz have officially released a help document for those of you who are having trouble accessing the Experience part of the Experience Edition. If you still can't get the code working, have a read. It's in the .doc format and you can download it from mediafire here. This one is in English but there are Japanese, French and German versions coming soon.

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Plastic Beach tshirt editions

Some clarification over the boxed tshirt editions of Plastic Beach. There are two boxed editions, a Standard Edition box and an Experience Edition box. Both contain the respective album (either the Standard Edition or the Experience Edition) along with a tshirt in a printed box (see pictures below). The Standard Edition box contains a black tshirt with a red Plastic Beach logo and the word Gorillaz is in red. The Experience Edition bxox contains a white tshirt with 'Gorillaz' in black and 'Plastic Beach' in pink. Apparently all the tshirts are 'Large' size. The edition was manufactured in the USA but may be sold around the world, just like the D-Sides Deluxe version (the photos below are of a Standard Edition box bought in London). FYE stores have an exclusive on the Experience Edition box but it seems that is for the first week only and after that it will be more or less generally available.
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Gorillaz promo in the UK: London underground, Oxford Street HMV, Amazon packaging

Pictures of some Gorillaz advertising in the UK: Plastic Beach and Stylo are being promoted with posters on the London Underground, HMV's flagship store in London's Oxford Street has a Plastic Beach display, and are sending out Plastic Beach advertising on their packaging for a limited period. Check out the photos below (thanks to fairycake for the Amazon image!)
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Gorillaz Get Boyzowned: Plastic Beach charts at #2 in official UK album chart (UPDATE: sales info)

Plastic Beach has entered at number 2 in the official UK album chart, missing out on the top spot to Boyzone's album 'Brother'. (more information / sales figures hopefully to follow).

If you have chart information for Plastic Beach from other coutries, either submit it to the site in the usual way or post it in the comments here and we'll try and get it all up in a news item. Please try and include a source with your information if possible.

(thanks to dillonflynn for the punning headline to this news item)

UPDATE 15/03/10:- sales information and details from the UK Music Industry trade magazine Music Week:- "Plastic Beach sold 74,432 copies in the week to debut at number two, compared to the 105,320 copies Gorillaz’ last regular album, Demon Days, sold when debuting at number one in 2005 on its way to overall sales of 1,703,308. Their self-titled 2001 debut opened and peaked at number three, with first-week sales of 47,903, which have since grown to 885,324. Returning to the top of the albums chart for the first time since 1999 is a bittersweet achievement for Boyzone. Their first regular album for 12 years is also their first since the death of Stephen Gately, whose passing is alluded to in its title, Brother. Its release tied in with their UK tour, the album sold 101,096 copies last week – the highest weekly tally by any album in 2010 - and follows the number nine success of introductory single, Gave It All Away."

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