March 11th, 2010

Bucket bailing further update

We're now down to under 500,000 buckets to go on the Plastic Beach site, so keep bailing!

In other news the author of the Bucket Bailer Firefox Add-On, fade_00 has released an update (the previous version no longer works, so if you want to continue bailing faster using the Add-On, you need to download the new version). Get the new version here:- (right click, save target as) and you can continue bailing at the address as before.

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G-Club fan ticket sale now on

The G-Club ticket sale is now available. Members should follow the instructions they received in the official G-Club mailouts.

The G-Club ticket sale for the Uk rehearsal tour (see news item below) has been put back an hour and will now begin at 10am. G-Club members should follow the links / instructions in the email they got last night, to get tickets.

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