March 9th, 2010

The race to this week's UK #1 - Plastic Beach in the lead after one day's sales

The UK-based music industry magazine Music Week reports here that Plastic Beach is in the lead for the race to be crowned this week's official UK number 1 album. However it only has a 'slender' lead at this point over what is expected to be its main rival in sales, Boyzone's album 'Brother' (a member of Boyzone tweeted this afternoon that only 112 copies separate the two albums). The official UK number 1 albums and singles are announced on Sunday evening UK time, based solely on sales over the past 7 days. We'll keep you updated on Plastic Beach's performance in the chart race this week.

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G-Club 'special event announcement' delayed again

KissMyPlastique was first to send the news:-

"Gorillaz have sent out another email. It reads:
'Dear G Clubbers We are not ready to make the G Club special event announcement quite yet. G Club members will be the first to be told and there will still be plenty of time to take up this offer. Do keep an eye out for further updates as we will mail you directly when the announcement is ready."

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