March 8th, 2010

'Plastic Beach Watch' - EMI Australia promo site (includes competition for Australians)

cotsie was first to send news of a site set up by EMI Australia called Plastic Beach Watch. It's quite fun but doesn't feature any content we haven't previously seen elsewhere. Best news for Australians is that you can enter a competition on the site to win a trip to see Gorillaz play live in London (you win flights, a 2 night hotel stay and gig tickets). The competition is open to Australian citizens only. Check out Plastic Beach Watch here.

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Report from Gorillaz Sound System Athens show

x_saru_x sends a report about the recent Gorillaz Sound System show in Athens:-

"The venue was successfully filled (~3000 people). We could only see the performers' outlines, since a thin, see-through curtain was in the way, and Gorillaz artwork was projected onto it. GSS performed both new and old songs, which were, as expected, all remixed. They opened the show with Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach, and continued with numerous songs off the new album, such as Stylo, Superfast Jellyfish and Rhinestone Eyes, older songs like Dare and Feel Good inc. and Last Living Souls, as well as their own beats mixed with a few non-Gorillaz songs (one of the best was White Light mixed with Black Eyed Peas' Pump It). Sadly, we didn't see much off Phase 3, apart from a small aerial tour of Plastic Beach and some footage from the Stylo video (which actually featured the car driving without Gorillaz in it, on the road we see in the official video clip).It was an overall awesome show, the crowd was really loud, and GSS seemed to enjoy it, too."

You can check out an audience filmed clip of the show on Youtube here.

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FYE Stores Plastic Beach bonus - tshirt / Plastic Beach with tshirt edition (UPDATE)

A short while ago Murdoc tweeted: "Psst! I've got a tip for you! FYE music stores in America have a PLaSTIC BEACH EXCLUSIVE!!!".

Some fans including BadlyDrawnBoy08 and Dave12D3 called their local FYE stores and it turns out that the bonus is a Plastic Beach tshirt - you can get the Experience Edition of Plastic Beach and the tshirt for a low price of around $30 (but price may vary slightly from store to store according to reports). Plastic Beach is out in the USA tomorrow. is also listing an Experience Edition + tshirt bundle, but that is not released until the following week and is also priced at $49.99 (check the listing out here. No word on whether the tshirt is actually boxed as pictured on the listing. We'll bring you more on this story as we get it).

UPDATE: BadlyDrawnBoy08 writes:- "The deluxe version with the tshirt DOES come in a box as pictured on Amazon. The clerk at FYE let me inspect the box as I preordered. It's about three inches deep and about 1 1/2 times the size (height) as the regular CD case... Yeah.. The box has all the front & back pictures as the experience edition."

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Slight delay to G-Club launch

Droid sends the news:-

"Murdoc's latest tweet at the time of writing is "Due to Plastic Beach gremlins our promised email to GClub members will now be sent out tomorrow (Tuesday 9th March). Apologies & stay tuned!" Clearly the wondrous team at Gorillaz have cocked up again. No, but in all seriousness, looks like we've gotta keep waiting! D:"

Gorillaz' management have been in touch with Gorillaz-Unofficial and want to assure all fans that the G-Club's launch will be delayed no more than 24 hours.

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Plastic Beach standard edition includes wallpapers and a pdf download of the booklet

DK33 sends the unexpected news that the regular edition of Plastic Beach does have some limited online bonus content included:-

"The Plastic Beach standard edition has a link on the back of the box. You need to be logged into the site to view the page. It unlocks an e-booklet of linear notes plus eight wallpapers"

The wallpapers are different from those included as bonuses with the iTunes Deluxe and Experience Editions - making for a total of 24 different wallpapers in all.

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Escape To Plastic Beach game available now to Experience Edition owners

KissMyPlastique sends the news:-

"For those who have unlocked the Experience Edition online content, there is now a demo availiable to play of a game entitled 'Escape to Plastic Beach'. It involves flying Murdoc around in some sort of contraption :)

To access the game, you need to go to the Experience Edition area on and enter the code that came with your Experience Edition. (there are other bonuses on the site such as a Murdoc commentary on the website, wallpapers, screensavers, etc)

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Murdoc in The Sun

Murdoc 'took over' the Bizarre pages in The Sun (the UK's most-read newspaper) today, and also popped up in a couple of other places on their pages. Ginacartoon sends detail scans and laziilemon sends a complete scan of the Bizarre pages.

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