March 7th, 2010

Bucket bailing Firefox add-on - helps you bail a lot faster!

Gorillaz fan fade_00 was really worried about Murdoc being stuck behind that bookcase on Plastic Beach, and has put together a Firefox add-on to help bail buckets faster and get him out of there.

You can use the add-on if you have (or obtain) the Firefox browser (you may need to update your browser to the latest edition) (you can get it for free here:-

Then download the add-on from (right click, save target as). Then load up Firefox, click 'File', then 'open file', select gorillazbucketlife.xpi (wherever you downloaded it on your computer. You may need to unzip the download first) and then run the install. Once it's installed, go to using Firefox and the add-on will run automatically, giving you the option to bail buckets faster. The add-on even shows you how many buckets you are contributing.

This add-on has been tested by many people on the Gorillaz-Unofficial forums - it works and is non-harmful. In fact, since several people have been using the add-on, the number of buckets has been decreasing noticeably faster. Happy bailing!

UPDATE (thanks Droid):- step-by-step instructions
1. Download and install the LATEST version of firefox.
2. Download the add-on from the link in the news item.
3. Open up Firefox.
4. Click 'file' at the top of the Firefox window and go to 'open file...'
5. Locate where you downloaded the add-on and double-click on it.
6. A firefox add-ons window should pop up asking whether you want to install, press' install'.
7. Restart Firefox.
8. Go to and a box in the bottom right should appear called 'Gorillaz Bucket Bailer v1.1'.
9. Press start on the program.
11. Get on with your life and leave the tab open and don't hit refresh or anything. Just leave it!

NB:- The stats on the add-on do not work 100% correctly. However checking back on using another browser window (or another browser) you can see that the number of buckets left is decreasing much quicker than before.

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