March 6th, 2010

Letter from Murdoc, Plastic Beach USB stick, 'conceptual sauce bottle' designed by Noodle

caravanslost writes:-

"A blogger over at has posted an article about the promotional material they were sent ahead of the album's release. They seem pretty charmed by it, and to be fair, it's kind of cool. First up is a letter from Murdoc, although you'd think he'd know better than to refer to his guitarist as "Noodles". And the second thing - which treads a fine line between awesome and WTF - is "a conceptual sauce bottle from Gorillaz guitarist Noodles and Sydney artist Jane Gillings". Read the original article (which includes pictures of all the items) here.

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Murdoc to appear on Radio 1 on Monday on 'The A To Z Of Gorillaz'

We previously reported here that Murdoc was going to appear on Radio 1 with DJ Rob Da Bank. Now the details have been announced:- Murdoc will appear on a one-hour special "The A To Z Of Gorillaz" as part of Radio 1's 'Stories' series. On the show, Murdoc will talk through 26 of his favourite Gorillaz tracks. The program will air between 9pm and 10pm GMT on Monday 8th March. You can see more information about the show on the Radio 1 site here and those of you outside the UK can also use the 'Listen Live' link on that page to listen to the show online, when it is broadcast.

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Guardian Takeover day 5 - De La Soul interview, Gorillaz website review

Gorillaz took over the Guardian music page for the whole week last week (Monday-Friday) and some more content was added on day 5 (the final day). (thanks orion70 for sending the news!). There's a new interview with De La Soul about working with Gorillaz here and a review of Plastic Beach by one of the Guardian writers here. There's also a look back at the week featuring a new-ish picture of Murdoc which first appeared on a video on the Guardian music site here. Finally, as part of the takeover, Murdoc also 'took over' the Guardian's Twitter account on Friday.

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