March 5th, 2010

Guardian music section takeover - day 4 (travel brochure, travel writing, 4/5 review, Kano/Bashy)

Thanks to orion70, Kissmyplastique and Droid for sending bits of this:-

It's the fourth day of Gorillaz' takeover of The Guardian's music pages. Check out the following features:-

- Plastic Beach 'travel brochure' (10 photos of Plastic Beach) here
- Review of Plastic Beach. 4/5 stars, and the writer calls Damon a 'genius' here
- An interview with Kano and Bashy about working on White Flag here
- A travel writer for The Guardian writes about visting Plastic Beach here

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Commercial sampled on Superfast Jellyfish discovered on Youtube

-GJ- sends a link to the video on Youtube of an 80s commercial for a line of microwave breakfasts called 'Great Starts Breakfasts' from Swanson. Superfast Jellyfish samples the following lines from the commercial:- "this morning you've got time for a hot home-cooked breakfast" "are you kidding?" "delicious and piping hot in only three microwave minutes" "a whole line of breakfasts you've got time for"

Check out the commercial on Youtube here.

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Full details of iTunes deluxe of Plastic Beach / UPDATE: comparison with the Experience Edition

Sam Zeid sends the news:-

"I have just dowloaded the iTunes deluxe edition of PB from the German I tunes store and here are the goodies:
1.extra track three hearts,seven seas,twelve moons is an instrumental that we heard in the Murdoc ident video
2.the album comes with the stylo video in hd
3. The album is in iTunes Lp format
4.the extras: the LP format is an exact copy of the gorillaz website mainly the study;you get an exclusive link to where u have to log in with an open ID account you get wallpapers and live stream capability yet nothing is on at this point;you get exclusive never before seen art by Jamie most impressive almost naked Noodle with black eye;you get lyrics book seen in the Japanese experience edition;you get the fishtank game from the site;making of stylo video;mini videos for several PB tracks;full gorillaz story book

UPDATE 10:20 GMT:- An anonymous person sends the following information comparing the iTunes Deluxe Edition with the Experience Edition:

"I just got the EXPERIENCE EDITION from a shop in Germany having previously bought the iTunes DELUXE and here is the comparison:
1.Experience has ONLY extra documentary DVD, iTunes has Stylo video,making of stylo, and another 10 or so mini films based on PB tracks.These films are not on the EXPERIENCE one.
2.The online stuff is different while the ITune deluxe gives you online stream access plus wallpapers,screensavers. The EXPERIENCE gives you an all new link that you access with the access card on the cover.This has different stuff, different wallpaper and screensaver plus the live stream like on ITunes.Now what the EXPERIENCE also has is a video of the secret rooms locked on the site plus the ability to unlock them in time but not straight away.
3.iTunes has 2 extra tracks which EXPERIENCE does not have, it has new unseen art(part of which is the bruised Noodle pic), the Gorillaz story book that explains what happened after Demon Days plus the "real reason" why gorillaz are on PB and it has to do with that piece of paper you find on the site when you first log in. EXPERIENCE does not have that.
SOOOOO..... my verdict is sorry but you need to buy both to have a full"EXPERIENCE" pardon the pun. "

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Interview with Gorillaz' manager / record label rep - live details, possible single order, storybook

orion70 sends the news that the California Chronicle has a new piece about Gorillaz on its site including comments from Miles Leonard (Parlophone / EMI) and Chris Morrison (Gorillaz' manager) they reveal some of Gorillaz' plans for phase 3. Amongst the revelations are:-

- Superfast Jellyfish is scheduled to be the second single with On Melancholy Hill being the third later in the year
- there will be 'extensive' live shows throughout the year including UK dates, but they are doing few festivals this summer as they would prefer to do mostly their own headline shows first
- a 'large number of guests' from Plastic Beach will be onstage
- the Coachella show will not be streamed on but at least one later one will be
- there are plans for a new 'storybook'
- discussions are going on with a number of brands

Read the full article on the California Chronicle site here

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