March 4th, 2010

Guardian music page takeover day 3 - a real doctor's evaluation of Murdoc's tour rider

Deathtripp and Droid were the first to send the news that a new article was uploaded yesterday to the Guardian music page as part of Gorillaz' week-long takeover.

The article reveals the details of Murdoc's tour rider and then a real doctor analyses how healthy some of it is.

Read it on the Guardian website here.

It's interesting to compare this list to Gorillaz' 2001 rider, which was "A Dreamcast console with a copy of 'Resident Evil' ready for Noodle to play (she brings her own joystick), A Buddhist shrine, ready prepared with candles and lit incense, also for Noodle, A box of chocolate Bueno bars and some bottles of Yop for 2D, An ample supply of asparagus wrapped in beef for Murdoc ("to make sure my breath and pee really honks"), A buffet of hand-minced finest fillet steak burgers and two boxes of freshly imported sneakers for Russel. His sneaker pimp does the shopping so he needs to be surprised, maybe with some courdoury Vans Cat litter to cover the dressing room floor for Murdoc, so he can scratch around the place and mark his territory, Two goth girls dressed up in Michelle Pfeiffer's slinky black Cat Woman outfit, also for Murdoc" [Source: Smash Hits interview October 2001]

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