March 3rd, 2010

Gorillaz Guardian takeover day 2 - Howard Marks article and Stylo video review

Deathtripp writes:-

"there are a couple of things...... on the Guardian website there is an article written by Howard Marks about Gorillaz here:-

Also another article on the Guardian by Anne Pickard talking about the stylo video here

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Murdoc interviews - XFM (audio) and The Independent (print)

Murdoc is doing a lot of press interviews promoting Gorillaz at the moment.

Yesterday (Tuesday) he appeared on XFM and introduced all the tracks from the album as they were played on that radio station. You can listen to his introductions and other comments besides now, on the XFM site here. (this is different interview material from the Steve Lamacq interview. The Lamacq interview was recorded live, but the XFM answers are prerecorded and have been used on some other European radio shows as well - presumably taken from an official interview CD).

In other Murdoc interview news, Empyreal sends the news that The Independent have a new interview with Murdoc here. Eagle-eyed fans will note that some of the answers are the same as the XFM interview (and responses that have appeared elsewhere) although some is exclusive. Expect this to be the case for many more Murdoc interviews around this intense press time.

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Screen caps from the Making Of Plastic Beach documentary

Cupnoodle sends a wonderful selection of screen caps from the Making Of Plastic Beach documentary. This documentary is included in the CD+DVD (Experience) Edition of Plastic Beach.
See all the screen caps (all 15) here

In related news, Droid sends the DVD tracklisting (the tracklisting of the documentary). Click 'Read More' below to see it (it features names of tracks not included on Plastic Beach).

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Murdoc audio clips on MTV Latinamerica site (including his attempts to speak Spanish)

street soldier writes:-

"there's a lil' surprise on MTVLA.COM for all Latinoamerican fans. Gorillaz could play in our country, and Murdoc record a couple of quotes in spanish (he tried so hard!).

to see the whole page, follow this link:"

You may need to use a browser other than Internet Explorer to access the site.

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