February 28th, 2010

Glyn Dillon blogs about his Beach Site illustrations / the Gay Polar Bear will return

-GJ- sends the following news:-

Glyn Dillon, an artist and friend of Jamie Hewlett's since the Deadline days (eagle-eyed fans will have spotted him in the Bananaz movie), contributed some illustrations to the new Gorillaz Beach site. He's posted a blog about some of his work, and perhaps most excitingly reveals a new picture of the Gay Polar Bear who will no doubt appear in the Beach site in due course.

Check out Glyn's illustrations and comments on his blog here.

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'Listen again' online now to three Plastic Beach tracks as played on Australian Radio

Droid sends the news that on Sunday night in Australia, DJ Richard Kingsmill, on his show on the Australian station Triple J, played three songs from Plastic Beach. The songs were 'Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach', 'Rhinestone Eyes' and 'White Flag'.

You can listen to the show (and the tracks) again online now. Go to the show's page here and select either 'REAL' or 'WIN' from the 'Listen to the last show' menu. "Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach" is at 12minutes 30seconds, "Rhinestone Eyes" at 1hours 18minutes and "White Flag" at 2hours 14minutes 20 seconds.

UPDATE 21:48:- Serverloco sends the news that Gorillaz have uploaded White Flag to their official Youtube account here.
UPDATE 22:15:- White Flag removed from the official Gorillaz Youtube

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