February 27th, 2010

G-Club membership now available for pre-order

denkinousagi sends the news that the official Gorillaz online fanclub, the G-Club, is now taking pre-orders for membership. If you pre-order membership before March 9th, it will begin on March 9th and last one year. ( If you missed them, we covered the details of the G-Club in a couple of previous news items including the most recent one here ) If you want to sign up to the G-Club, go to Gorillaz.com and click 'G-Club' to bring up the order screen.

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Gorillaz.com Beach site to feature updates in coming weeks / months and 'off-island excursions'

Amaya92 sends the news:-

"Gorillaz sent this to me in my email. "The band are throwing open the doors to their island hideaway, Plastic Beach. They've set up a treasure hunt for visitors to play online over the next few weeks and months. Each month you can play new games, missions and tasks to complete a puzzle and solve the maniacal mystery of Plastic Beach... Look out for off-island excursions to other popular websites to collect more clues, items, and prizes." "

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UPDATE: Listen to more of Plastic Beach - different 30 second clips on B&N, JPC, Amazon

Lokesh writes:-

"30 second track previews are now available online at Barnes & Noble!"

Check them out here."

UPDATE 14:30 GMT:- -GJ- sends a link to a site (the German site jpc.de) with further different 30-second clips. Check them out here

UPDATE 14:10 GMT:- ZAX sends a link to Amazon.com who have more different clips. Check them out here

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