February 26th, 2010

First image of Stylo video (NME.com)

Epyreal was the first to send the news that the first image of actual Gorillaz from the Stylo video has surfaced on NME.com .

You can view it here:- http://www.nme.com/news/gorillaz/49975

There's also a comment from Murdoc: "Someone was chasing me through the desert! Luckily I had my camera crew following me and they captured it all on film, so I've cut it up and stuck it back together for my 'Stylo' video. That'll learn me not to leave the safe, toxic, isolated haven of 'Plastic Beach'."

The post on NME also says that the Stylo video will be posted to Youtube on at 5am (GMT) on March 2 "for the first time ever" though it's not clear if that means the first time ever on Youtube or whether this will be the genuine first place it is available to view. As we reported previously here, a notice on Babelgum.com, which is still on that site, claims they will have the Stylo video from 27th February.

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Download official Plastic Beach mix / PB first official full stream news - NPR

Head over to Gorillaz.com to listen / download the official Plastic Beach mix.

Get it here:- http://gorillaz.com/f/album-mix/.

And in other Plastic Beach news, Plastic Beach will be streaming in full from the NPR site from March 1st. ( as mentioned here on the NPR site ) ( this information confirmed by Rolling Stone magazine in a news story on their website here ).

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