February 25th, 2010

Gorillaz Sound System to play UK festival date this summer

rept0n sends the news that Gorillaz Sound System will play at the Secret Garden Party festival which takes place in Abbots Ripton in the UK, from July 22-25. Some sites (including NME.com) wrongly reported this as a Gorillaz show, but as can be confirmed on the official festival website http://www.secretgardenparty.com/, it is Gorillaz Sound System who are playing.

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Murdoc to feature on future Rob da Bank radio show

Empyreal writes:-

"Robert 'Rob da Bank' Gorham has apparently done something Gorillaz related. I don't know who he is other than he has a radio show with BBC... Anyways, this is what he said on his Twitter earlier today - "Just recorded the a-z of gorillaz with murdoc! One of most bizarre shows I've ever done...expect some v special guests when it airs in march" I'm not sure what all that means, exactly. Sorry. Source: http://twitter.com/RobdaBank"

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Plastic Beach review in The Sun / news of first radio play of Plastic Beach

Empyreal writes:-

"Along with a positive review of Plastic Beach, an article called "Gorillaz' Plastic is Fantasic" The Sun said this, "Xfm have the world exclusive first airplay of the album on March 2 at 12pm, so tune in then to hear it for yourself."

Check out the review and the news about the XFM play on The Sun's website here. (thanks to cigarillo for sending the news as well!)

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iTunes Deluxe Edition of Plastic Beach bonus content revealed

hughesta74 writes:-

"According to the iTunes description for Plastic Beach, not only will buyers of the Plastic Beach iTunes Deluxe get 2 extra tracks, but also a making of the Stylo music video, an interactive game and a Plastic Beach Storybook."

Previously it had been revealed that the iTunes Deluxe edition will have 2 bonus tracks, but the further extras had not been announced.

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Damon - "Gorillaz are definitely going to play some big gigs in the UK this year"

ovjeff was the first to send the news that the NME spoke to Damon last night at the NME awards about possible Gorillaz live shows this year.

Damon said:- "At the moment I wouldn't want to play Glastonbury or something because I'd be setting myself a very high benchmark but we're definitely going to play some big gigs in the UK or in England or in London this year. The band is sounding really good, I'm really excited."

Later that evening The Clash's Mick Jones later told NME that he and bandmate Paul Simonon would be involved in the band.

Read the full story:- http://www.nme.com/news/gorillaz/49960.

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Superfast Jellyfish LISTEN ONLINE NOW ( was played on Zane Lowe radio show)

UPDATE 20:00GMT :- Gorillaz have uploaded the track to their official youtube profile.
Listen to it here:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4UtbrbsrjY

Merel was the first to send the news that Murdoc has just tweeted that Superfast Jellyfish, the track from Plastic Beach, will be played on Zane Lowe's show tonight. The show starts at 7pm GMT. And you can listen to it online here

"Old mate Zipper Lowe is playing our new tune Super Fast Jellyfish on his Radio 1 show tonight!! A World FIRST!! Tune in at 7pm GMT!" from http://twitter.com/MurdocGorillaz.

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