February 22nd, 2010

Final Murdoc radio show at today (UPDATE)

Droid writes:-

The fourth and final radio show will be out at 4pm GMT according to Gorillaz.com.
No details on where it will premiere, whether it will be on the sight, NME, AOL or anything else.

We'll have to see what Murdoc gets up to.

UPDATE 16:06 GMT:- Murdoc was on NME radio from about 3:05pm GMT, 2D was with him on the show. Amongst other tracks, two clips of Gorillaz tracks were played, one being a clip of Pirate Jet.

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Gorillaz short article in Mixmag - Beastie Boys have reportedly remixed Stylo

There's a 1-page article about the return of Gorillaz in the UK Magazine Mixmag this month.

There is one picture on the page, the shot of 2D alone that also appears in the current issue of Snoozer (if you missed the scans of that, they're here.

The article contains all previously-released information, except it mentions that alongside Yuksek, Death Metal Disco Scene and Labrinth & Tinie Tempah, The Beastie Boys have also done a remix of Stylo. However, the article cautions that we shouldn't expect to hear all of the remixes of Stylo that were made.

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