February 21st, 2010

Timer on Gorillaz.com increases

Several people have written in about this (thanks particularly to early submissions by Nook29 and Droid):-

The countdown timer on Gorillaz.com has been altered over the weekend, apparently twice. When the time first appeared on the gorillaz.com homepage, it was counting down to midnight on 22 February (i.e. just as 21 February becomes 22 February). However over the weekend it was altered to count down to midday on 22 February. Then, later, at some time around 9pm GMT tonight, another day was added to the timer - so that it is now counting down to midday 23 February.

The amount of time on the countdown is dependent on what time zone you are in, so whatever time zone you are in the timer counts down to midday 23 February in that time zone. However, it is not known if the Beach Site will actually launch at different times depending on the time zones. More information on this story as we get it.

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Gorillaz webshop about to relaunch - 'G-Club' set to open

JoPeZaHr sends the news that the Gorillaz webshop is about to relaunch, powered by All Access. You can view the shop (no items are available to buy yet but some 'Plastic Beach' logo tshirts can be viewed) at this link:- http://shop.gorillaz.com/

On the shop there is also a notice announcing the 'G-Club'. This seems set to be the official Gorillaz online fanclub, and membership will bring (amongst other things) " [An] exclusive Gorillaz toy, early access to pre-sale tickets, exclusive competitions & goodies, 25% off all official merchandise all year, [and] previews of videos"

Let's hope the mention of 'pre-sale tickets' implies there may be more Gorillaz shows than just Coachella in Phase 3.

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