February 20th, 2010

Shaun Ryder to appear with Gorillaz at Coachella?

orion70 sends the news that the UK newspaper The Sun has a small item today about Shaun Ryder possibly making an appearance at the Gorillaz show at Coachella festival on April 16. However, Shaun is apparently a bit unhappy that Gorillaz have only offered him a coach class flight, and no overnight stay before his performance. The article reads:-

"CANER SHAUN RYDER could derail the live comeback plans of GORILLAZ. The tubby rocker has been asked to rejoin DAMON ALBARN's gang at America's Coachella festival in April. The animated outfit play their first concert in four years at the Californian bash on April 16, but the former HAPPY MONDAYS singer said: "The cheeky b******* want to fly me coach class over to the States then do a show directly. C'mon stingy. Cheeky b*******."

Read the article in full on the website of The Sun here.

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