February 17th, 2010

Gorillaz on two new magazine covers ( Spex - Germany, Snoozer - Japan)

News of two new Gorillaz cover features:-

hughesta74 sends the news that Gorillaz appear on the front cover of the March/April edition of the German magazine Spex. The cover features redrawn previously released Gorillaz images (possibly not officially redrawn). Check out the cover here.

Cupnoodle sends the news that Gorillaz ( just Noodle this time ) appear on the front cover of the current edition of the Japanese magazine 'Snoozer'. The image previously featured in the recent Q magazine article. Check out the cover here.

We hope to bring you more details of the features inside soon.

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Death Metal Disco Scene remix of Stylo out now

Continuing our coverage of Stylo remixes... ZNAKERS was the first to send news of a recently-released remix by Death Metal Disco Scene. It currently features exclusively on the website of Dazed and Confused magazine - check it out here.

As per our recent story about the Alex Metric remix of Stylo ( here if you missed it ) it's not yet certain which remixes are officially approved - we'll bring you any and all information about that as soon as we have it.

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Gorillaz to play Dubai? Story continues

Yesterday we reported the breaking news story that several websites were reporting that 'Gorillaz' would play a show in Dubai on March 19, as part of a mini festival called 'Elements', an event that is part of / coincides with the event 'Royal Drive' a supercar show and driving event in Dubai taking place over 18, 19 and 20 March. (see the previous item here)

Then we speculated that it would probably be Gorillaz Sound System appearing as opposed to Gorillaz themselves. It seems some of the local press shared our sense of disbelief, but the organizers have kept up an air of mystery about the event.

According to The National ( article here ) Maher al Yaqoub, the operations director of Luce Che Vola, would not disclose how the band would appear. “It will be a big surprise,” he said.

According to 7 Days ( article here ) when asked how the gig will be performed, whether it’ll be cartoon characters live on stage or digitally projected images, events manager Ali Taheri said: “It’s a surprise for Dubai but what I can tell you is we’ll be breaking some records in the UAE.”

We'll bring you more information on this story as we get it.

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Murdoc posts about Stylo Labrinth & Tinie Tempah remix - uploaded to Gorillaz youtube

The 'Labrinth SNES Remix' of Stylo, featuring Tinie Tempah debuted on radio last week ( the first play being on Zane Lowe's show on the 11th February. Previous G-U news item here ) but now the remix has been uploaded to the Gorillaz youtube account and Murdoc has commented via his Twitter:- "HIJACKED!! @tinietempah has STOLEN my tune Stylo!! He’s broken into my youtube (it hurt). WHO ARE YOU MR TEMPAH & WHAT IS LABRINTH SNES?? " This is the first of the Stylo remixes to (apparently) receive official endorsement from Gorillaz.

Listen to the remix on Youtube here if you haven't heard it yet!

Thanks to Anthony12584 and Thelonious O for sending in the news.

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