February 10th, 2010

Tinie Tempah Stylo remix forthcoming (UPDATE: listen now)

Feathers_and_halos sends the news that today's UK newspaper The Daily Star has a brief story about how London MC Tinie Tempah will apparently be releasing a remix of Gorillaz' track Stylo. The story says that Tinnie Tempah approached a 'merry' Damon Albarn at a party and asked if he could remix the track and Damon gave him the okay. Whether the remix (as yet unreleased) is official or not remains to be seen, and may depend on whether getting an okay out of a sozzled Damon Albarn at a party constitutes official sanction!

Full story on the Daily Star website here.

UPDATE 13/02/10:- this was played by Zane Lowe on one of his show's this week and is now widely available to hear online. Check the comments on this news item for a link.

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New Murdoc animated clip

At the time of writing, over 20 of you had sent in this news - thanks to you all! The first person to send it in was Droid:-

A short animated clip of Murdoc has just been released.

You can check it out on the website spinnermusic here.

The background music sounds similar to that featured in the demo of the Gorillaz song 'Electric Shock', as played by Damon Albarn on his Radio 1 takeover in January 2009.

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