February 9th, 2010

Stylo (Yuksek Remix) played on French radio - listen online

Camille sends the following:-

"A french Dj's broadcasted the new Remix of Stylo on his show, on the French Radio le Mouv', last week. It is called "Overload".

Go here:
http://www.lemouv.com/node/148918, find the " 6 février" section and click "écouter". It is at around 41'05 from the beginning and I think it ends around 45' but it's quite hard to guess.

Yuksek's remix of Stylo is almost certainly official as he was provided with the materials way before Stylo was released or leaked, and tweeted about finishing a Gorillaz remix in late December (as reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial here.

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