February 1st, 2010

Gorillaz mentions in NME this week / More Murdoc radio on February 3rd?

There are a few small mentions of Gorillaz in this week’s NME magazine (cover dated 30 January).

Firstly, there is an item in the News section about Murdoc's takeover. With reporting stated to be from 'Plastic Beach', the item reads: "NME Radio got 'hijacked' last Thursday (Jan 21) by Gorillaz's mastermind Murdoc Niccals. The cartoon creation plugged into the stations airwaves just after 3pm, spinning tunes by The Horrors, The Dead Weather and the actor Kirk Douglas. He promised to play some new Gorillaz songs too, saying 'I'll be back'. Keep tuning in to NME Radio for more - we don't know why but February 3 sounds like an interesting date..."

Secondly, Stylo is listed as the #1 track on the NME stereo, with the magazine commenting Beefed-up from the cute demo that Damon aired last Spring, this has become a glossy, growling beast, muscular and mischevious. Mos Def mutters low in the mix, then Damon's fey falsetto flashes through a disco-lit throb reminiscent of both Neon Neon's sleazy-euphoric underworld and the pulsing insistence of LCD's 'Get Innocuous', before the raw, diamond-sharp flare of soul legend Bobby Womack's voice cuts through it like a lighthouse in the dark. 'That's what I'm talking about' notes Mos Def[sic], astutely. ON NME Radio now"

Thirdly Stylo gets another mention on the NME Chart page. The Associate Editor of NME, Paul Stokes, writes:- "Damon Albarn, Mos Def and Bobby Womack pimp their ride, for this hard-driving comeback single that crams a whole road movie worth of drama into three minutes."

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